There are dozens upon dozens of resources on accessibility, but these are some of the easiest to digest and a great way to start digging in.

Checklists and Guides:

Color Contrast:

  • Tanaguru Contrast-Finder – checks your color contrast and provides close alternates that meet the guidelines.
  • Contrast-Ratio – a lovely way to test color contrast, including opacity, and tweak settings yourself 
  • WebAim Contrast Checker – when you want to keep it simple. Tests against both normal and large font sizes.

Do it With Drupal:


  • VisionSim lets you see the world through a simulation of vision disabilities (look it up -available for iOS and Android)
  • NoCoffee Vision Simulator for Chrome lets you view the web through a filter

Accessibility Checkers

  • Pa11y – free, open source, self-managed accessibility testing suite