I believe that those of us who work to build tools for our digital age can do better to build good tools to help people.

Named one of StateScoop’s Top Women In Tech in 2017 and 2018, I’m passionate about encouraging and championing best practices in web design, development, and content, with a focus on how product management and strategy can help teams create digital services that serve their users first. Whether it’s championing accessibility, usability, mobile-first, site speed, or clean content, my focus is on educating, empowering, and encouraging product owners and content managers to do the right thing for their users.

I’m currently working at Ad Hoc, a digital agency that specializes in empowering customers to deliver digital services that promote the general welfare. As Deputy Director of Product, I operationalize

Previously as the Director of Product for Digital Services Georgia, I oversaw the state of Georgia’s enterprise web content management platform, directing product strategy and working with development partners to cultivate new product opportunities for the platform’s customers. I managed a number of initiatives with the Digital Services Georgia team, including the responsive and accessible platform initiatives, and developed web standards and guidelines for the state of Georgia.